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Michigan State University (MSU) is redefining our conception of institutional partnerships and collaboration models in Asia.

Asia Hub Edit.jpgMSU’s Asia Hub (formerly AsiaNexus) offers an enhanced platform for expanded faculty and student engagement in Asia by engaging key partners, exploring new strategies to co-fund and leverage investments, and facilitating collaborations to advance integrated research and novel academic programming. In this way, the Asia Hub platform offers unique partnership models that embody the strategic dimensions of MSU’s international objectives: innovating global solutions, creating global citizens, and generating global investment. Asia Hub partners and research teams are creating a synergistic network of networks within and across Central Eurasia, East Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, and the world in order to advance the frontiers of knowledge while building capacity among all partners to address global challenges, particularly within the context of food and agriculture; education and capacity building; health and nutrition; and environment, water, and energy.

Beyond the innovative partnerships highlighted by Asia Hub, Michigan State University is engaged in many Asia-related activities and has been for decades. MSU's diverse portfolio of Asia-related research and outreach is extensive and involves  every college and a large alumni base in Asia.

Best Practices for Equitable Partnerships

MSU Asia Hub and its MSU and international partners encourage best practices for building sustainable and equitable partnerships in Asia. Read our value statements.